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Scientific discoveries mean revolutionary developments in the quality of life
The discovery of antibiotics at the beginning of the 20th century meant a great hope for mankind in the battle against incurable diseases. After World War II, the so called antibiotic era started for the whole of the developed world.
The foundation of Biotika also dates back to this period and it was begun with the aim to manufacture the very progressive antibiotic – Penicillin.

The modern term *biotechnology* is also connected with development of antibiotic production. The industrial production of antibiotics induced in the long run development of new branches of knowledge and disciplines; such as modern microbiology, biochemistry, bioengineering, molecular genetics and also genetic engineering.
Related branches were developed too; in the area of engineering industry, continual measuring and regulation of physical quantities, controlled processes, filtration and separation techniques and the industrial production of pharmaceuticals under rigid qualitative conditions.
All these attributes meant the fundamental improvement of the quality of life not only of people but also of animals and sustaining of the quality of the environment, for the long term.

Who we are
Biotika was founded in 1953 as a new manufacturer of Penicillin on the territory of former Czechoslovakia with the aim to meet domestic demand.
From its foundation until 1990, Biotika was a part of the Spofa concern that was a company embracing all pharmaceutical companies in the former Czechoslovakia.
Historical milestones of Biotika are connected with the beginning of the Penicillin G production in 1956 and the Penicillin V production in 1958.

Launching its own research-development site which at the end of the 70‘s obtained the statute of the Research-Development Base, is also connected with the beginning of the penicillins production.
At the beginning of the 60‘s the biotechnological production was extended by Oxytetracycline production and later by the production of Chlortetracycline and Dextrans for the pharmaceutical application.
In 1971 L-Lysine production by biotechnological process was launched and thereby Biotika became the third manufacturer of this essential amino acid in the world.
The manufacturing and business activities of the company gradually expanded into the area of final drug form production, the production of medicated and feed additive premixes.

The present time

Nowadays Biotika worldwide ranks among the most important manufacturers Polymyxine B Sulfate and other API for third parties (toll manufacturing) of the pharmaceutical quality.
Biotika is well known as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceutical preparations for the human as well as  veterinary application and also as a very important producer of the feed additives for breeding farm animals.
Biotika has a prestigious international reputation for its products meeting rigid international criteria.
Thanks to its professionals in the area of the fermentation processes, it became a reliable partner for international biotechnological projects. Thanks to these facts the export of Biotika nowadays reaches about 80% of the total sales.

  We are improving your life
Our products are a result of our own research and development, their quality is being assured by know-how of the high level.



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