About us

Who we are

Biotika was founded in 1953 as a new manufacturer of Penicillin on the territory of former Czechoslovakia with the aim to meet domestic demand.

From its foundation until 1990, Biotika was a part of the Spofa concern that was a company embracing all pharmaceutical companies in the former Czechoslovakia.

Historical milestones of Biotika are connected with the beginning of the Penicillin G production in 1956 and the Penicillin V production in 1958.

The present time

Nowadays Biotika worldwide ranks among the most important manufacturers Polymyxine B Sulfate and other API for third parties (toll manufacturing) of the pharmaceutical quality. Biotika is well known as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceutical preparations for the human as well as  veterinary application and also as a very important producer of the feed additives for breeding farm animals.

  • In 2014 were performed two certification audits by the SGS certification institution with valid for a period of three years. These audits were focused with the target to review the observance of HACCP requirements (product L-cystine) and FAMI-QS Code (product Aquasta).

  • Starting of Astaxanthin Production.

    Obtain Certificate of Suitability to the Monograph of European Pharmacopoeia for Polymyxin B Sulfate, micronised, the first version, issued by EDQM.

  • Approval of FDA for Polymyxin B Sulfate, renewed approval for Penicillin V

  • Biotechnological development of a new amino-acid

  • Reconstruction of manufacturing line end begining of the contract manufacturing of Gramicidin S for the company Valenta Pharmaceuticals.

  • Beginning of the Polymyxin B Sulfate production. Extension of production line for the contract manufacuting Wacker Chemie AG. Signing of the contract for manufacture of polypeptide antibiotic with the company Valenta Pharmaceuticals.

  • End of the first stage of restructuring process in Biotika a.s.

  • Begining of the contract manufacturing for the company Lonza.
    Starting of large reconstruction of waste water treatment plant.
    Renewal of FDA Approval for V Penicillin Potassium.

  • On 1st January 2006 the subsidiary company ČOV a.s. was established, with the main target in the area of waste water treatment and disposal of other waste coming from manufacturing in Biotika a.s.

  • Beginning of the restructuring process in the company. End of cooperation within join venture Haechst-Biotika, spol. s r.o., Martin. Transfer of business share in this company to the copmany SANITAS AB Latvia.

  • Joining of the company Middle Europe Investments into Biotika; the daughter company MEI Pharma Slovakia C.V. owns 55 % of Biotika shares.

  • Manufacture of compact V Penicillin Potassium in new manufacturing premises was started.

  • Beginning of the contract manufacturing for the company Wacker Chemie AG.
    Approval of FDA for V Penicillin Potassium.

  • Reconstruction of the production plant Pharmacy Martin was realized.

  • End of cooperation with the company Degussa AG Germany and transfer of business share of Biotika in the company Evonik Fermas to the company Degussa AG.New production of semi-synthetic beta-lactam antibiotics was introduced.

  • New manufacturing line IMA for the production of dry beta-lactam injection preparations was open.

  • In 1996 the privatization process was finished. Majority shareholder - company G.V.Pharma, which acquired 42 % of shares. Other majoritywere the Slovak bank VÚB a.s. (17 %) and Moorgate Securities Ltd (7 %). The rest minority shareholders (<5 %), owned together 34 %. First steam-gas cycle/cogeneration unit in the SR was implemented in Biotika a.s.

  • In the second half of this year the new information system BPCS was implemented; this system is still valid and used.

  • New plant for downstream processing was open.

  • On 25th January 1993 the limited company Evonic Fermas s.r.o. in Slovenská Ľupča was established by the companies Biotika and Degussa AG Germany, with the proportion of business shares 50 % for both founders.
    New production of solid beta-lactam preparations was introduced.

  • Up to 1992 Biotika was a national enterprise as a part of SPOFA concern. Biotika as a joint-stock company was founded in the year 1992, when the privatization process began. On 2nd March 1992 the limited company Hoechst-Biotika, s.r.o. in Martin was founded by the companies Biotika a.s. and Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft Germany.

  • Starting the L-Threonine production.

  • Opening the new built plant for Penicillin production.

  • Starting the production of Tylozine – veterinary preparation.

  • Research and development laboratory is transformed into the R&D branch, which was garanted by a status comparable to that of specialized R&D Institutions in the Czechoslovakia.

  • Starting the L-Lysine production; Biotika was actually the third company in the world, after the USA and Japan, which started to manufacture the L-Lysine by fermentation method.

  • Starting the production of veterinary injection medicaments.

  • Starting the production of veterinary injection medicaments.

  • Traditional substances production was expanded by biofactors manufacturing and production of injections for human use. The manufacturing plant in Martin becomes a part of Biotika.Production of streptomycin and chlortetracycline was started.

  • Starting the production of V Penicillin.

  • Biotika established its own laboratory of research and development. Its first result was he shortened procedue for preparing the raw potassium salt of G Penicillin – the initial substance for manufacturing of the final preparations of G Penecillin.

  • Starting the production of G Penicillin.

  • Establishment of national enterprise Biotika as a part of SPOFA concern covering all pharmaceutical manufacturing comapanies in the former Czechoslovakia. Original target of national enterprise was the manufacture of Penicillin – the most progressive drug of that time.