Environmental Protection


Since 2006  provide the complete  services  for  the purpose  of fulfilling  the obligations  in  the environmental area for the Company Biotika a.s. its 100% subsidiary company ČOV a.s. (Waste Water Treatment Plant, joint-stock company).

The services provided by ČOV a.s. include mainly the waste water treatment, cooling water diversion and  complete  services  in  waste  management,  particularly  providing the  waste  recovery  in  own operation plants with the aim of its utilization in the production of biogas and subsequently in the production of electric power, as well as for the production of ecological universal fertilisers with outstanding parameters usable in agriculture. The services of the company include also the complete air protection and other related activities in the area of environment protection.ČOV a.s. represents the company Biotika a.s. before the state institutions in the issues of environment and within the company manages and regulates the manufacturing plants and the individual departments in their environmental obligations. ČOV a.s. elaborates on behalf of Biotika a.s. the documentation for the purposes of the Integrated Licensing of Production, elaborates the reports concerning the water treatment, waste disposal and air pollution, as well the documents for trading with CO2 emissions etc.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Aerobic part of wastewater treatment plant is under extensive reconstruction since the year 2007. This reconstruction is realized during the operation and without any imitations of the manufactures in Biotika a.s.

In 2012 the reconstruction works continued with a reconstruction of aeration tank stage II, stabilization tank for excessive activated sludge, sludge pumping station and related objects. In 2012, above the frame of original project, the works on reinforcement of both aeration tanks were performed.

The reconstruction will continue in 2013 with a construction of new feeding tank, reconstruction of storage tank for anaerobic sludge and completion of the related engineering networks.

For reconstruction of ČOV will be used investment costs for in amount 9 155 000 EUR. The term of completion of reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant and putting of the whole system into testing operation was postponed, with regard to complications of the construction, till 30th June 2014.

Waste Management

ČOV a.s. assures complex services for Biotika a.s. also in the area of waste management. From the total volume of waste generated in the Company Biotika a.s., company ČOV a.s. recovers in its own plants or assured the recovery of 91.1 % of waste. In an anaerobic waste treatment plant, the biogas is produced, which is then used for production of own  electricity. 

The  amount  of  electricity  produced  annually  covers  about  40%  of  electricity consumption in ČOV facilities. The dewatering anaerobic sludge ČOV processes by composting in own composter on  organic fertilizer Veget, classified as fertilizer for organic farming.